About Averroes Group

Averroes Group was first established in March 2002 , and with a foreseen future aspiration we were so determined to make this company one of the leading manufacturer and developer, our success reflected on other expansion plans.

Our thoughts

It is merits of our people to be kindly to others, self-disciplined and bounteous. With our wisdom, our nation has made great significance in the phylogeny of human thoughts, culture, science and technology. Confucianism, a traditional thought, still affects our words and behaviours these days. We can easy find out its magic power to reach our goals.

Idea of products innovation

It is a society encouraging innovation. The requirements of goods and services keep changing along with the development of our society. Averroes Group idea of products innovation is keep improving the quality of products and become better’. Each advice and suggestion will be attached great importance and be reflected on our products once it is generally recommended.

Averroes Group attitude to protect the environments

Averroes Group respects human rights, religions and human custom. Averroes Group always follows international standards which are widely accepted. Right now, we have already been granted with CE Certifications. It is always our attitude to protect the environments of our world.

Averroes Group respect of intellectual property rights

Averroes Group idea is to devote ourselves to our R&D and innovation projects, which includes software, machine, and styles of our products. We will absorb the existing know-how with cautions, strictly abide by and respect to copyrights and patent rights stipulated by laws of each country, so our R&D do have the capability to improve its properties in order to meet the market needs.

Averroes Group thinking and activities

With our confidence and hard work, Averroes Group will spare no efforts to offer our customers one of the first-grade Products with more comprehensive functions in the world and localize our customer’s services to more places worldwide by the end of 2012. Our R&D is focusing on enabling the products to be less dependent of experienced operators by combining AC and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and realizing remote checkout and service by use of TCP/IP network technique. At present, our plastic and logistics were well launched and very popular to customers all over the world.

Meaning of Averroes Group

Averroes Group, will be pursuing the beauty of life, everlasting development of our undertakings gradually. Just like the idea from many of our business partners, Averroes Group wish to pass our business to the coming generations.

Averroes Group profit idea

Averroes Group idea of real profit is to bring our customers profit by our products and services. The real profit of Averroes is on the base of that of our customers.

We rely on complete and strict quality inspection system to ensure that each product passing the test before delivery with advanced nature and reliability.

During the past few years, we passed and had been approved for the CE certificate, ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate, and have more than 11 patents. We remain committed to the full implementation of “Zero Defect” Quality Management, enforcing high and efficient quality control with respect to the supply of our products, production techniques, quality inspection, excellent and satisfactory after-sales services for all our customers. Hence, we enjoy a high reputation among our old and new customers.

Enjoying favourable remarks. Based on the company’s tenet of “Innovation, Honesty, Harmony, efficiency and sustainability”, Averroes Group provides reliable services and satisfying service to customers and shares the brilliant future!