Products and services

What we do

Averroes Group is a leading consultation and turnkey project provider.

We serve medical products companies in all geographies and sectors, including medical supplies, capital equipment, implantable devices, and healthcare IT. In developed markets, our experience working with leading suppliers, providers, and regulators allows us to provide a unique perspective on the rapidly changing value chain. In emerging markets.


We help companies address issues ranging from business unit strategy to overall corporate strategy. Among other topics, we can assist with mergers and acquisitions, including post-merger management, market entry and growth, business unit turnaround, and development of a new business.


Our work focuses on four areas: product development, machinery , design, and market access. For instance, we can assist with growth strategies, pricing, market development, customer segmentation and targeting, sales force effectiveness, and payor reimbursement, through out providing studies and developing machinery and equipment to lower the production cost.

We also support clients in developing innovative commercial models and executing commercial strategies.

Research and Development

We strive to drive innovation, improve productivity and performance, and develop successful portfolio and asset strategies. We focus in enhancing and developing of new products,and reducing costs. In all cases, we work with major companies evaluate the value proposition for each product in development, considering both clinical and economic benefits.

Designing services

  • Layout design
  • Material flow
  • Man flow
  • Equipment crane handling scheme
  • Hatch distribution scheme
  • Electricity
  • HVAC
  • Differential pressure scheme
  • Machinery auxiliary feeding scheme
  • Drainage
  • Ceiling fixture scheme
  • Maintenance routing scheme
  • Flooring and EPOXY scheme
  • Storage routing scheme
  • Lighting and surveillance scheme
  • Emergency escape scheme
  • Cleanroom installation schemes
  • Extension plans scheme