Social Policy

The management and all employees of the Averroes Group fully recognize the vital importance of the cooperation of many people both inside and outside the Group in our corporate activities. As corporate citizens, we accept our social responsibilities with this policy in mind.

As stated in our corporate philosophy, the motto of our social policy activities is “To contribute to create a healthy
and prosperous society”. Our rule activities are especially aimed at “the environment”, “local communities”, “the general public” and “employees”.


  • We strive to increase the number of our facilities accredited with ISO14001.
  • We encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly goods throughout the Averroes Group companies.

Local Community

  • We strengthen our ability to cope with emergencies and disasters by increasing the number of employees trained in first-aid/life-saving skills.
  • We hold events including open-house gatherings so that local people can become familiar with our business activities.
  • We strive to strengthen ties with our local communities by offering support for lifescience education programs.

General Public

  • We actively provide “useful medical information” to the public.
  • We promote blood donation activities.


  • We promote measures to maintain and enhance our employees’ health.
  • We encourage our employees to participate in voluntary works.